Terms and Conditions for Payments and Classes

1. Course Refunds
New beginners have the right to a course refund on their first course.

A form will be filled out with full explanation to why the students reserves the right to a refund.

Refund policy for New beginners on their first course up to week six.

Full Refund of Beginners Course Fee.

Refund policy for New beginners on their first course from week seven.

No refunds, you will be charged for seven weeks of classes.

2. Other Refunds

If you have paid by Credit Card or BACS before a class has started, we reserve the right to hold onto the fee for up to  up to 28 days.

This allows us make sure that all fees are clear before returns.

3. Refunds and Cancellations
All Credit Card or BACS cancellations will be charged to the payee at a 3% rate.

This Fee will be paid before any refunds are made.

4. Classes for Adults 18 Years and Over
All classes displayed currently on the Shaolin Wahnam London Website are for people aged 18 years and over.

By signing any form on this website, you confirm that you are age 18 years and above.

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