Genuine Qigong (Chi Kung)

All Classes are currently suspended until there is more clarity concerning the current social circumstances.

Please sign up with your interest in the meantime so I can place you as a priority to join a class.

Registration is essential as there is limited class numbers.

The next planned course that beginners can attend is likely to be available on a Wednesday evening 7.15pm,
this will be a 12 week qigong course learning patterns 1 – 9 of the Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands.

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong
Learn Genuine High Level Qigong : Sifu James Lawrence
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Simple to Learn
Practice Qigong from day one
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Good Health & Vitality
A complete Holistic system for Good health
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Fast Results
Ancient methods for modern times
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Peace of Mind
Standing Meditation - Qigong for Stress and Mental Health
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The Essence of Qigong
Energy Flow for Cleansing & Clearing
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What is Genuine Qigong (Chi Kung)

What is Qigong (Chi Kung)?

  • Chi Kung translated means Energy Art. We could even broaden the perspective to The Art of Manifesting Internal Energy. The old Qigong past-masters initially practised the art as Nei Kung or internal arts. Over time the meaning and depth of these arts were lost. Shaolin Wahnam Cosmos Qigong brings back the essence of these arts from those ancient times.
  • We owe much gratitude to our Grandmaster in his lifelong endeavour in bringing these arts as close to original Nei Kung arts (Internal Arts) of the past-masters, so we can to attain remarkable results in our practice. We adopt in our foundation classes, ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’, this is a good indicator that the art is still alive.

What is Self Manifested Chi Flow?

• Self-manifested Chi Flow is the effect of energy entering the body through the regular practice of Chi Kung. When chi or energy is attracted into the body, it encourages cleansing of illness, pains and internal energetic blockages.  

• At Shaolin Wahnam, we have a method of teaching skills and techniques to make Self Manifested Chi Flow a real experience. It is Self-Manifested because students are taught the Art to enable them to create chi flow for themselves. At the foundation level, we aim to clear int blockages that maybe the causation of pain or discomfort. We also aim to enhance good health and calm through regular practice.

• Chi Kung as a gentle exercise, although useful for blood circulation, loose joints and physical relaxation, it does not address the deeper cleansing and clearing of the bodies needs. The essence of Chi Kung is Chi Flow. It is the chi flow that we are aiming for to enhance the success for students to get great health benefits.

Achieving Chi Flow

  • Achieving chi flow enables our students to attain the great health benefits of genuine Qigong. The past masters over the past 1500 years adapted and documented their findings. We are very fortunate that Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has probably the biggest library of Shaolin & Qigong Classics in the world, and that has helped shaped the way that we teach these arts today.
  • In some schools, it can take many years for students to achieve chi flow. Ideally, we aim for two years. However, we are pleased to say that our students often experience Chi Flow a lot earlier. This is due to the unique Shaolin Wahnam teaching method that Grandmaster Wong has passed onto us through his 60 years of personal training and teaching experience.

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Genuine Aims Purposes

  • Learn Simple Skills & Techniques to get self-manifested Chi Flow to;
  • Manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Tonify & detox Skin & Internal Organs
  • Manage High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia Allergies, Anger & Frustration.
  • Energise and Enhance vitality
  • Build & Strengthen Immune system
  • Enhance physical Relaxation &
  • Mental clarity & Alertness
    Also Useful for;
  • Inner Peace, Calm, Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Sporting Activities & Active Lifestyles
  • Everyday time management & organisation
  • Cultivation of Spirit regardless of Race, Religion or culture

Aiming for Practical Benefits

What can we aim for and what are the benefits?

  1. Learning Shaolin Cosmos Qigong has many benefits. The first and foremost aim is for Good Health and Vitality.
  2. We utilise Qigong for internal force training for Kung Fu practice. This giving inner strength to the practitioner, it enhances health, vitality and combat efficiency.
  3. Practising genuine Qigong offers faster and better results than that of the gentle physical forms that so many practices today.

  4. With over 60,000 students worldwide, the mastery of the Shaolin Qigong Art has touched many people and brought great rewards to those who have followed the Shaolin Wahnam syllabus and methods.  Some students have overcome serious illnesses and have documented and thanked our grandmaster openly for these arts.
  5. We aim to bring genuine Qigong back to its origins that was traditionally known as ‘Nei Gung’, or ‘Internal Arts’.  The main and foremost function of these Arts was to keep healthy.  We now offer to serious and deserving students a genuine art that long ago was reserved only for Emperors and Royalty.
Qigong for Everyday Life

Stress and Anxiety
Students will learn the triple cultivation skills at the weekly classes. The practical instructions given in classes make home practice easy and efficient. During ongoing practise, the aim for you is to use the acquired skills to manage stress and anxiety in everyday life. Although what you learn is simple, the results are remarkable.

Clarity of Mind
Regular Qigong practise enables all students to keep a calmer mind. On the weekly courses, Sifu James will guide the students and advise when needed to help and enhance your personal practice. As the classes have a maximum student intake, this enables Sifu James to focus more on the students to help attain the benefits of a calmer mind. When we calm the mind, we can create a myriad of benefits that enhance everyday life.

Qigong at the Foundation Level
Chi (qi) or Energy accumulated has many benefits at different levels. At the foundation level, the aim is to learn the skills and techniques to encourage self-manifested Chi Flow. Once the student gains the Art of Self Manifested Chi Flow, this enables them to clear blockages that may be causing pain. At higher levels, we then learn to Build for vitality and later we learn to nourish the organs.

Can Genuine Qigong Chi Kung be Self Taught?
No, it is not possible to be self taught genuine qigong. Regardless of any books or videos the skills can not be aquired without a master of the arts.

Although useful, they will never learn the genuine skills to achieve the essence of these arts.

Regardless of any books or videos the skills can not be aquired without a master of the arts.

You must find a Master of these arts to teach you the genuine skills to achieve the essence of qigong.

Adding some clarity about what we teach

What We teach and why we teach the way we do

  • Any deserving student at any level can learn genuine Cosmos Qigong. 
  • We do not teach qigong as a gentle exercise or string together all of the qigong exercises as a continual movement. Each individual pattern has specific use. You will find the ebook gives you an insight into some of the health benefits.
  • Qigong is a very rare high-level art that takes time to learn. 
  • The benefits of learning Cosmos Qigong are good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance, happiness and even spiritual joys. First, all students must learn qigong for good health. 
  • The Zen master, The Great Bodhidharma, taught qigong for health before spiritual cultivation to the 18 Lohans at the Southern Shaolin Temple in China. 
  • Meditation means “Training of mind” or “Entering Zen”. We utilise Wuji, or standing meditation in Cosmos Qigong.
Shaolin Wahnam Elementary Courses

The 18 Shaolin Wahnam Jewels

  • A foundation course to generate ‘qi flow’ (Chi Flow), the essence of Qigong.
  • A simple course for Good Health
  • For all levels of experience
Genuine Qigong Plucking Stars and Shooting Arrows
Practising Genuine Cosmos Qigong

Hua Tuo’s  5 Animal Play

  • A short foundation course to explore Hua Tuo’s 5 Animal Play and how they relate to specific organs.
  • A fun course for the health of 5 major organs. 
  • For all levels of experience.